Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Spring is in the Air at CHES

Spring is in the air and Carpenter Hill is a flutter.  Activity is all around us.  Our Green Team has been working diligently in our learning gardens.  Other students have been taking opportunities to work in our gardens around our school as our science standards address organisms and environments.  Learning and growth are happening.

Our learning gardens are not the only areas where growth is taking place.  Our students are growing in the classroom.  One area in particular is in the area of math.  We have been focusing all year on math fact fluency and supporting our students in increasing their automaticity of math facts.  Evidence of growth is all around campus.  Our kinder students are working through numeracy skills via DreamBox.  For those of you that do not have a kinder student, DreamBox is an online math program for students to work on at school and at home.  

Forty-six percent of our students are working above grade level as they have mastered the lessons addressing kinder TEKS (standards).  

Our kinder students are excited about their growth.  We are tracking their progress on a bulletin board in the kinder hallway.  They have completed over 9, 460 lessons in DreamBox.  Our first graders through fifth graders are working on their numeracy skills using a program called Formative Loop.  Our students take a series of five minute test 3-5 times a week.  The tests are individualized for each student; therefore, students are able to focus  on the skill they need to, whereas a classmate may be working on a different skill.  This program is developmentally appropriate and aligned with our TEKS (state standards).  Along with the individualized checkpoints, the program also provides students with targeted  homework.  In addition, teachers are able to look at results and address areas for students to work on or perhaps clear up a misunderstanding.  Games are provided to students to practice their math skills, increasing their automaticity.  Based on the student’s need some math games are sent home for students to use as additional practice.  

Fifty-four percent of our 4th and 5th grade students know all of their facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).  

Our numbers in 3rd grade continue to increase as students demonstrate mastery in addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Ninety-five percent of our 2nd graders know their addition facts and are working on subtraction.  

Eighty-two percent of our 1st graders know their addition facts, which are on grade level standards and are moving into subtraction.  

It is exciting to see our students growing their brains and making such an effort to learn new skills and refine others.. Math is one of many areas we are growing in at CHES.  Our students are realizing that sometimes school is hard and that with practice and effort you can accomplish difficult tasks.

Our 5th graders recently received their STAAR results and we have a lot to celebrate.

Ninety percent of our students met the reading state standard and 89% met the math state standard.
Some more exciting news are the students that demonstrated
mastery of the tested material.  In math, 23% of our students mastered the material and 41% mastered in reading, job well done!

We are all learners at Carpenter Hill.  Not only do our students set goals, but our teachers do as well.  End of year reflections are fast-approaching.  We all know the importance of focus and intentionality; therefore, working together, talking about it, and supporting one another are necessary steps in growth for all.  It is hard at times, but the benefits on the other side are well worth it.  Help us celebrate the growth occurring at CHES.  It is exciting!!!  Our students (and teachers) deserve it!!